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Airport Shuttle
To Changchun

1 main line: People's Square

    Changchun Longjia Airport <-> People's Square (Binwei Road)

    Stops: Oriental Square, Minfeng street, Heshun street, Nanguan Minhang Hotel, people Square

    The departure time of the first at Nanguan Minhang hotel:

     The first: 5:30 AM; The last: 20:00 PM (half hour a class)

     Changchun Longjia Airport departure time:

    The first: the first flight landed; The last: the end of the flight

2 branch line: Highway passenger station

    Highway passenger station <-> Long Jia International Airport

    Highway station address: Highway passenger station in the hospital, after stopping the exhibition The Heart of Pai.

    Highway passenger station departure time: 8:40 AM to 15:40 PM, one class per hour.

    Exhibition Hotel departure time: 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM, one class per hour.

    Changchun Longjia Airport departure time: 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM, one class per hour. Stopover station: ShouDiShouCheng

To Jilin

    Changchun Longjia Airport departure time 22:00, one day a class, Destination Taoyuan Square of Jilin city. (ChaLu village).

    Changyi District, Chongqing Road of Jilin City (Chongqing Road No. 2288 civil aviation ticket office) departure time: 7:00, one day a class, Destination Changchun Longjia Airport.