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Parking Garages

    Changchun Longjia Airport is located in the parking lot of a terminal is on the south side. As a result of the two phase terminal Longjia airport expansion and Changchun city traffic hub project occupies a large number of parking lot parking spaces, parking spaces are the only remaining more than 700 parking spaces, including small parking spaces in Pakistan \ \ \ \ \ \ accessible parking spaces. The construction period for your travel we apologize for the inconvenience, we recommend you try to take the airport bus, train and other public transport travel, reduce the self driving to the airport. Thank you for your support and understanding of the construction of the airport!

    Freight Basis:

    (1) small car: two hours (2 hours), charges 5 yuan / times, each additional 1 yuan more than half an hour.

    (2) large cars: two hours (2 hours), charges 10 yuan / times, each additional 2 yuan more than half an hour.

    (3) taxi: no time, according to 3 yuan / times standard.